How To Buy A Cessna Aircraft

As you are probably aware, Cessna aircrafts are one of the most popular models for sale that you can buy! The Cessna 152, 172 & 182 are the three most popular Cessna aircrafts that the company has made.

Why is the Cessna aircraft so popular and why should you consider buying a new or used one?

It is very simple --- They are the best!

They may not be the fastest aircraft in the sky but they are not as popular as they are for no reason at all…

If you are thinking about just starting out then you want to consider the Cessna 152. It is a little newer and bigger then its sister model – the Cessna 150. But it is not a lot more expensive.

Yea it is only a 2 seater airplane but it is still very fun to fly and a great aircraft to build a few hours on.

The logical progression is to move up into the Cessna 172 from the 152 or 150. The 172 is by far the most popular four seater airplane in existence right now.

The reason that it is such a popular aircraft is because it is very easy to fly and very forgiving! The Cessna 172 is also a very popular airplane to train on as well. Many fight schools use it for their training…

The Cessna 182 is not much different then the 172 as far as looks go, as they still have the same Cessna design and high wings. But the difference mainly lies in the horsepower of the 182.

With the additional power that the 182 aircraft has, your going to add a good 25 knots to your cruise speed in most cases. It is a great airplane to fly and not much of a set up from the 172 as far as required skill level.

The bottom line is, the Cessna Aircraft is a great airplane to own and fly. If you buy one, you won’t be disappointed in your purchase at all!

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Happy Flying!

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