Buying A Mooney Airplane

If you are looking at buying a Mooney aircraft then you likely know that the Mooney is the fastest single engine airplane on the market. The Mooney Rocket has reported cruise speeds that well exceed 200kts.

But the other Mooney models are fast as well. In fact, when you directly compare the Mooney to the competing models that Cessna, Piper and Beechcraft offer, your not going to find a model that the Mooney can’t beat as far as speed goes…

That is the good thing about the Mooney aircrafts! The bad thing about flying and owning one is the size of the cabin. They are not as big as the competing models that Cessna, Piper and Beechcraft offer. In fact, you will find that Mooney is A LOT smaller in many cases.

If you are flying by yourself or with one other person then you should consider owing a Mooney aircraft. You have to think of it like a sports car! Sure it has its advantages and looks nice but if you have a big family, then your not going to want to buy one… Same goes with the Mooney! Don’t buy one if you are going to be hauling a lot of stuff and or people around.

But make no mistake, the Mooney is a great airplane to own and you won’t be disappointed in your purchase…

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