Mooney Airplane (buying them)

Mooney Airplanes are some of the most exciting and best value single-engine aircraft on the market, and provide thrills that few other competitors can match. If you are someone who likes his or her machines to be fast and nimble, then a Mooney Airplane might be right for you. To help you learn more about buying a Mooney Airplane, here is a guide on the do’s and don’ts of Mooney Airplane buying

Why get a Mooney?

There are many words that are used to describe a Mooney Airplane, but perhaps the best are ‘tight’ and ‘fast’. Most Mooney Airplanes are not known for their spaciousness, but they are known for being fast and great fun. If you are looking for a small and fast plane that costs less than your house, then a Mooney Airplane is probably the right choice for you.

Finding the right Mooney

Finding the right Mooney Airplane can take time, but one thing to remember is that there is no point looking for a Bargain. Mooney Airplanes, like most other aircraft, are all sold at similar prices. If one is much lower than the rest, it will likely have some major problems, whether these are obvious or not. Once you realise this, it is easier to find the right Mooney Airplane for your needs. You can balance cost against age and features to find the best combination.

How much does a Mooney cost?

How much your Mooney Airplane will cost depends on your exact needs and budget. However, you can get a good used Mooney capable of around 170 knots for around $130,000. Of course, newer Mooneys will probably cost over double that, and there are also cheaper options. However, for the best price to speed ratio, a 1980’s Mooney 231 is one of the best bets. This has fairly low operating and insurance costs, and it can easily carry a passenger or two.

Getting the plane inspected

Although Mooneys are extremely safe, any plane that you want to buy should be given a full inspection and test flight. This will help you to decide whether or not the Mooney Airplane is in good order and safe to use. Look at all the history of the plane, from the logbooks to the tail number information at the NTSB.  Although a Mooney Airplane might take some getting used to if you usually fly a Cessna or Piper, for sheer speed and thrills a Mooney Airplane wins every time.

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